Silent Installs

If you want to install on multiple machines using a silent installer, you need a SIMUL8 Corporate license or SIMUL8 Network license. Other license types do support silent installs, but as they require individual license numbers, silent installs are not useful.

For a silent install run the installer from the command line with the parameters:

LIC:”[license number]”
DIR:”[full path to installation folder]”

For example:
S8SETUP.EXE /S LIC:”1234-1234-1234-1234″ DIR:”C:\Program Files\SIMUL8 for my App”

The install folder (DIR parameter) must NOT be C:\Program Files\SIMUL8. This is to avoid conflicts between automatically installed SIMUL8 applications (that use silent installs often) and the typical end user’s normal SIMUL8 install.