Recording results per work item to a spreadsheet

1. Start by joining 4 items to create a process:

  • Entry point
  • Queue
  • Activity
  • End Point

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2. Create a label called “UniqueNumber”

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3. Add an action to the Entry Point. Set this label to a ‘Unique’ value.

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4. Check that each work item is getting a unique value:

  • Run the simulation for a few seconds
  • Select the queue
  • Select advanced > Contents
  • Scroll through the work items on the left and confirm that each has a unique label value

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5. Create an internal spreadsheet called “Results”.

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6. Create an action that will record the time that each work items completes activity 1:

  • Create an action and select option to ‘Change Anything’.
  • Double-click to add the ‘Results’ spreadsheet
  • Change the column reference ‘c’ to be 1
  • Change the row reference ‘r’ to be the label by selecting ‘Object’ and then double-clicking on “UniqueNumber”.
  • Back in the ‘Action’ window pick the option ‘Set to’.
  • In the next window select the little box with the 3 dots to open the Formula Editor.
  • Double-click to add ‘Simulation Time’

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7. Run the simulation and then open the ‘Results’ spreadsheet. This has now recorded the completion of each work item at activity 1 (in minutes from the start of the simulation)

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