SIMUL8 Corporation provides a comprehensive range of solutions and services designed to ensure that our customers achieve success with SIMUL8.

SIMUL8 Services

Who am I? What is it? Why choose it?
Annual Maintenance I need some support and always want to be on the latest version of SIMUL8 Yearly support plan with feature support, latest release upgrades, SIMUL8 Live Passport (Professional only) Save money on software upgrades and never lose your feature support
Training I need to improve my understanding of SIMUL8, and the best way to tackle simulation projects. Online, Onsite or Public Courses catered to all levels and industries, held across the world. Learn the skills to build your own simulations.
Online Coaching I’m building a simulation for my process and I might need support along the way. One-to-one sessions with a consultant answering your questions at your pace. Get access to experienced simulation consultants for front line support.
Coaching I have SIMUL8 skills, but need some expert help on this project. Bespoke 1-2-1 workshop with a SIMUL8 Consultant to solve your problems. Our most valuable service for immediate results, build your simulations with our help.
Consulting I either don’t have the time, or skill needed to complete my project. Our Consultants can take your project from design to delivery. Get access to teams with a wealth of simulation, process and business improvement expertise.
Enterprise Support We have more than 100 licenses, or are working with SIMUL8 Enterprise Team. Personal simulation forum and support areas for your organization. Free feature support for all of your employees and priority access to our Support Team.

Product Solutions

Who am I? What is it? Why choose it?
Tailored Products I need a simulation tool anyone in my organization can use to instantly test changes to our exact systems Customized simulation tools with pre-populated data and more. Develop accurate, complex simulations in a matter of seconds.
OEM I want to integrate simulation into my own toolset SIMUL8’s technology can be licensed for embedding in other applications. Include the power of SIMUL8 in your products.