Introduction and Getting Started


This tutorial is designed to help you build a basic simulation and should take around 20 minutes to complete.

Use Alt+Tab to switch between SIMUL8 and these instructions.

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Get Started

Build the simulation shown below, by first selecting Start Point from the left toolbar.

Click once on the icon and then click on the screen where you want to place the Start Point, or alternatively just drag and drop it onto the screen.

Next, select a Queue and place it close to the Start Point. The two objects will automatically join up using a Routing Arrow.

Now, select an Activity, from the left toolbar and place it next to the Queue.

The last part of your model is the End Point, select this from the toolbar and place it next to your Activity.

Now Run the model by pressing the Run button on the top left of the Home Tab.

HINT: Using the ‘paddle’ is a faster way of building up your structure. Turn this feature on in File > Preferences > Options > Paddle ‘On’ and experiment!


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