How to use the new Resource Schedule

The Resource Schedule is a great new feature that has been added to SIMUL8 2014 which allows you to quickly vary the number of resources on shift by periods of the day and create unique shift patterns.

Shifts can also be used for this however, the Resource Schedule is a faster way of achieving this, particularly when the numbers of resources change within short regular time frames (e.g. in 15 minute intervals).

To Locate this feature go to ‘Data and Rules’ then the ‘Objects’ section and select ‘Resource Schedule’. Upon opening you will be presented with a table stating all current resources along the top and timeframes on the left-hand side. The numbers in the cells control the number of resources that should be available for each resource and for each timeframe.

Check out the video below and see how to use the Resource Schedule in your simulations:

Want more info on the Resource Schedule, then visit the help file and find out how all the Resource Schedules options work.