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Download and Installation

Cannot run 16 Bit Program

SIMUL8 is 32 Bit.  If you get this message it means that the download file is corrupt and Windows NT is guessing that it must be a 16 bit program of a style that NT does not understand.

See also “Corrupt Installation Detected“.

Corrupt Installation Detected

This means that the download did not complete before you ran the downloaded file.  (Normally this happens because the download ends before it should. This is caused by some temporary fault in the connection between your PC and our server or because a second download to your PC started before this one was complete).

Solution: Download the file again. Click here to access your downloads.

Download Window Doesn’t Appear

An application on your PC has prevented the Window from opening.

The most common applications that prevent access are Pop-Up Add blocker or Firewall software. To allow the window to open temporarily disable this software. Alternatively add www.SIMUL8.com to your trusted sites. This is the website of our parent company and some files are located on this server.

If you are running Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher this will block the download window. You will see a gold bar appear below the address bar, as pictured below. Click the gold bar to allow the download window to be displayed.

Time Outs or Disconnecting During the Download

If you are being disconnected, or the download is “timing out” before the download completes, this is a problem with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and/or with the configuration of your Dial-Up Adapter/Software, and you should call your ISP’s technical support team.

Solution: Contact your ISP.

Proxy Errors

These messages are caused by your local proxy server or firewall. Sometimes your administrator will have to switch on access between your network and our server. If in doubt ask them to email us at webteam@SIMUL8.com

Solution: Consult your local system administrator.

Broken Downloads or Slow Transmissions

If you are experiencing slow transfer rates, the problem could be anywhere on the Internet between your PC and our server.

Go back to the page which links to the download file and click RIGHT on the page content – then choose RELOAD FRAME – if we move the files your browser may not update the files for some days unless told to reload.

If this is unsuccessful we suggest you try again later (1 hour).  If we’re updating a file then we have to cancel downloads in progress (there is never a time when there are no current downloads in progress).  There are also certain times of day when certain web links are very busy.

Solution: Download the file again.

Corrupt Installation Detected

This could mean that the download did not complete before you ran the downloaded file.  Normally this happens because the download ends before it should. This is caused by some temporary fault in the connection between your PC and our server.

Solution: Download the file again.

Not a Valid Windows 32 Application

This message is seen when your download hasn’t completed successfully, even if there are just a few bits missing it will mean your installer isn’t able to execute properly. You need to delete the file you downloaded and then re-download it. Deleting the file is important because often your computer tries to be clever and remembers you’ve already downloaded the file so doesn’t really download it.

Solution: Delete file from your PC and download the file again.

Activation and Registration

Finding Your License Number

Once SIMUL8 is installed, find your SIMUL8 license/serial number in File > Help/About.

In the boxed edition, the SIMUL8, license/serial number is on the CD case or on the inside of the product box opening.

SIMUL8 license/serial numbers for the download edition are delivered in an email sent to you immediately after your purchase is processed.

Product Registration

Register your software to get free feature support.

You’ll also receive a newsletter containing case studies and hints and tips on how to get the most from SIMUL8, and early notification of special promotions, services or product upgrades.

You may register your copy of SIMUL8 here: http://www.simul8.com/support/registration.php

Product Activation Center

Product activation is an anonymous, secure, hassle-free process that deters unlicensed use of SIMUL8 software.

The use of all SIMUL8 Corporation products is governed by an End User License Agreement (EULA).

A User Begins Activation by Launching their Software

When your software is launched for the first time, the SIMUL8 activation technology creates a unique number that identifies the user’s computer. The hardware ID is a mathematically computed and cannot be used to identify the make or model of the user’s computer or its components.

The code is encrypted and securely stored on the user’s computer alongside the license file, which contains additional encrypted information about the permissions of the license number and the activation history. The Hardware ID is only used as an identifier for the machine.

A second number is also created, the Activation ID — the actual request to activate. The Activation ID is composed of the product’s license number, product name, product version, and language along with the operating system name, version, and language. The Activation ID is only used to identify an individual activation request and contains no personal or computer hardware information. The activation request is automatically sent to SIMUL8 Corporation servers via the internet using an HTTP request with SSL encryption.

If the user is not connected to the internet they can call our offices to activate via the internet.

We Process the Activation

When our server receives the activation request, it validates the request against predetermined business rules.

For example, the server may check for existing activations. If the request is valid, an activation code is sent to your computer. If not, an error message is sent.

Your Product is Enabled to Run

When the activation code arrives into their computer, it automatically unlocks (activates) the software. The entire process takes no more than a few minutes.

The SIMUL8 Corporation activation process is completely anonymous and never requests, collects, or transmits personal information. It does not scan the user’s hard drive, and none of the information collected can be used to identify individual hardware components.

Transferring Your License

If you need to transfer your license to a new machine, then please get in touch and we’ll be happy to arrange this for you.

When requesting a license transfer to a different machine, please provide us with the following information:

  • Your License Number
  • Your SIMUL8 Version Number
  • Your SIMUL8 Build Number
  • Whether or not you need new installation files

You can find the information for the first three points within SIMUL8 by navigating to File > Help.

You will also need to ensure that you have SIMUL8 uninstalled from the original machine before installing and activating on the new machine.