Step 3

Select a machine to use as the Network License Server (The NLS machine). It can be a very simple machine with little power. Very little bandwidth is required. An existing fileserver is usually appropriate. SIMUL8 Corp has tested a wide variety of file servers and all have worked well. The machine will not be running any software. It will simply host files that are accessed by the client machines.

The machine needs to be accessible from every network location where your users will use SIMUL8 (except that users are permitted to check-out from the network and use SIMUL8 unconnected if, for example, they will be working away from the office at a location without network access).

Your end users need access to this machine via a UCN path name (eg \\MYSERVER\APPSPACES\SHARES\SIMUL8) or a mapped drive (eg M:\SIMUL8)