SIMUL8 is a business simulation system displaying fast moving graphics and calculating complex numerical measures of performance of business scenarios. Process throughput is typically increased by over 20% by people who use SIMUL8 simulations, so it is very important to your users.

SIMUL8 NLS manages the sharing of licenses so that any user on your network can have access to SIMUL8, but the organization will not exceed the purchased number of licenses. It is a concurrent licensing system.

SIMUL8 is also available as non-networked (non-concurrent) editions and also as a networked concurrent system using alternative management systems (such as Flex/FlexNET/FlexLM). This document does NOT relate to FLEX related implementations – please consult our sales department if you would prefer to use a FLEX based concurrent licensing system.

SIMUL8 Network License Server editions allow SIMUL8 to be installed on an unlimited number of computers/users within your organization. When any individual user or computer tries to start SIMUL8 the central license server is contacted and a license obtained (if sufficient licenses are available at that time). If insufficient licenses are available at that time, a message is displayed and SIMUL8 does not start. The user will need to wait until licenses become available.

SIMUL8 Network License Server editions allows users/computers to “check out” (sometimes called “borrow” or “roam”) away from the network. For example they may need to do this when using SIMUL8 on a laptop at a client office where network access is unavailable. Licenses that have been taken away from the network need to be “checked in” before they can be used by other users. Administrators can force back lost licenses.

This edition of SIMUL8 NLS uses a LAN based file server to manage licenses, making it quick and easy to install and maintain. Any type of file server can be used.