Installation Summary

1. Obtain main installation file (on CD or download) – same for every customer

2. Obtain license file (normally delivered via email) – unique to your organization

3. Obtain (or select an existing) machine suitable for using as a shared file location where the client installer will be available and the concurrent license management files can be stored. It should be a machine that will always be on when your users may need to run SIMUL8 (excluding users who have checked-out from the network). It needs to be accessible via a LAN reference (mapped drive or UNC path name)

4. Run the installer and install to the shared file location (this installs server-side and unpacks files ready for installation on client machines)

5. Set access rights to all users who may need to install SIMUL8 on client PCs or run SIMUL8 after it has been installed on the client. (Details below, but read/execute in the tree starting with the shared folder you specified during installation and Read/Write/Create/Delete/Scan in the USERS sub-folder)

6. Have each user machine run the client installer (in a folder under the shared location) – this can be automated via a deployment method if required.

7. Your users can now use SIMUL8

8. You can optionally review usage of SIMUL8 and return lost users.

If you are experienced with network based installations the above summary may be all you need to follow the on-screen prompts – however more details are provided below.